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Le Sun 15 November 2015

This page contains links to articles on some of my more recent art projects. I may describe some art techniques and provide "making of" information, more more often than not I shall just make stuff up and spin the bullshit (a bit like writing Artist Statements). Hopefully this extreme level of complete bollocks will not cast doubt in your minds about the veracity of the other stuff on my website.


Make Little Planets with the GIMP

I took part in a local competition to design a planet as part of Astronomy Month. Actually I'm sure the competition was aimed at 6 year olds, but never mind. What i decided to do was create a "Little Planet" using local iconic scenes. It was a heap of fun gathering material for it. I used the GIMP to manipulate the component images and produce the final "Little Planet" image. This article describes teh techniques I used to create the image.

Little Hutt Planet


The Most Bad-Arse Mountain Dulcimer in the World

I take great pride in presenting to you the Most Bad-Arse (That's "Badass" for you North Americans) Appalachian Mountain Dulcimer in the World. The article describes the semi-safe use of the instrument to avoid unwanted time distortions, and fluctuations in posigravitrino flux (which would be bad).

Bad Arse Dulcimer Detail


Paint Selection for 3D Printed Miniatures

So you have made a fantastic 3D printed miniature and the single colour it is printed in is a bit boring. This article briefly describes a selection of cheap paints that will produce a robust finish with good strong colours.

Mashup of 3D printed objects and paints


A 3D Printed Flying Saucer

In a sudden fit of creativity, I decided I needed a flying saucer. A little one. This page describes the model and provides links to the model files for anyone wishing to 3d print their own version of this.

3D printed flying saucer banner


A 3D Printed Mine Trolley Prop for Stop Motion

Think Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Hoodwinked, and maybe some Spy vs Spy and you have an idea of what I have in mind for this model.

3D printed Mine Trolley banner


A 3D Printed Mine Truck to go with the Mine Trolley Prop

Maybe this is getting a little obsessive, but here is a cute little wagon to go with the Mine Trolley Prop described in the article above.

Mine Truck Loaded with Stuff


An improved 3D Printed Mine Truck

OK, so I admit it. I am getting obsessed with this project. Here is an improved version of the mine truck described in the article above. This looks the same, smells the same, tastes the same, but is different. It has been designed to make assembly easier and somewhat less tedious.

Mine Truck in the sunshine


3D Printed Railway Bogie Sets

I figure if I'm going to go overboard with these projects I may as well do it properly. This project is two different Railway Bogie sets destined to be part of some kit-bash projects. one set is designed for 1:24 size models while the other is a narrow gauge designed to be compatible with the Mine Trolley and Mine Truck models described above.

Detail of one of the Railway Bogies


3D Printed Railbike

Yep. It is a monstrosity that would probably never work in reality, but hey this is a fantasy piece. This article describes this Articulated Railbike project and provides the 3D printed model files for the chassis. The motorbike body is a Maisto model with the wheels removed and a bit of paint splashed on it.

Railbike banner


All material presented in these artwork articles and pages are the copyright of Hamish Trolove, unless otherwise stated.

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