Rail Mounted Tea Making Facility chassis - work in progress

The "Rail Mounted Tea Making Facility" like my other Rail mounted teapot (See the six wheeler elsewhere in this gallery) was designed to be compatible with the standard 5 inch gauge railway modellers tracks. Some wooden tracks were built to ensure it would fit.

This was a work in progress shot. I was keen to capture the chassis. This chassis design was partly inspired by the "Torpedo Ladels" used in the steel industry. I have an old electric railway set that includes one of these wagons. It has always fascinated me. In the model there are four bogies two with four wheels each and two with six wheels. 20 wheels! I decided to keep mine a bit simpler and used only two four weheel bogies as you can see. This image shows the pivot where the teapot cradle would eventually sit. The pivot is a hard disk drive reader arm bearing, while the main chassis pivots are hard disk drive motors. Bits of bicycle rear deraileur have been repurposed and used here in the suspension arrangement. Waste steel plate and pipe was used for the wheels. Axles and various bits of sheet metal were all sourced from discarded electronic equipment - particularly printers. All of the wood used in the structure is recovered waste wood from various sources including some old windowsill (Matai?) which was removed because of patches of rot, and some waste shipping pallets. Although the pallet wood was very hard and splintery to work with, it came up with the amazing golden amber flecks through it when varnished.