Short Wheelbase Roller Teapot

With all of my previous teapots that have incorporated engineering elements the part of the process I liked least was manufacturing the teapot itself and glazing it - this may be because my teapots tended not to have convenient things like feet to stand on durng firing which added to the challenge. They never seemed to quite end up as i woudl have liked. Of course all my ceramics mates say things like "But that is just the way the clay wants to be." and other such nonsense.

To get around this I decided to obtain a metal teapot that someone was wanting to get rid of and upcycle it. You know, give it an exciting new life.

Thus the idea was conceived to do a fully metal item and make use of cast off technology as much as possible. With the teapot in hand I was able to search around my vast library of bits to see what I could find that woudl be complementary to the teapot's shape. I found a pair of old skateboard wheel assemblies from my brother's skateboard, several old hard-drive chassis and a hard drive motor and a HDD platter (courtesy of EECA), and a halogen downlight surround from some decommissioned office lighting (also from EECA). These were assembled into this rather perky teapot over the course of about two days.