1920's Style Rocket - Pegasus III Deluxe


Weta Digital (you know the Special Effects company behind the Lord of the Rings and Avatar) ran a competion in June 2010 to design a 3D model of a rocket that could have come out of some alternative 1920s. The brief is quoted below....

June Competition: Design a 1920's rocketship!

Prizes will be awarded for the designs that truly represent this era. So when designing your rocketship use tried and tested materials on the cutting edge of this era, such as brass, hardwood timbers, lead, porcelain, bakelite and tremontium. We implore you to provide suitable vehicular splendor such as befits an interstellar invasion force of 1923!

Grand Prize: An all-expenses trip to the far off lands of New Zealand to meet the talented Greg Broadmore (creator of Dr. Grordbort’s) and renowned Richard Taylor at Weta Workshop!!

Plus win additional prizes in a new design competition every month.

Come forth, faithful boffins!

Don’t just sit around like a nilly wag, design the latest and greatest rayguns using Blender — the free but ever-so-awesome 3D software to help your wicked creations come to life.


So, plenty of scope to work with. I came up with this design and sketched it down one lunchtime. The design took five minutes (if you don't count time mulling it over in my head) and the production in Blender + Corel Photopaint took maybe twenty hours, during which time I learned a heap of new things about Blender that I had not previously needed to know when working on self-guided projects.

I was very pleased with the result.