Pegasus III Deluxe


This was made for a competition run by Weta Digital. Here's the statement I put with it.

Pegasus III Deluxe

And it's a big Hurrah to the lads at Stallion Industries. They've done it again with their latest offering, the luxurious Pegasus III Deluxe, an expression of the owners fine tastes and superior judgement.

If you are taking in the views from the gloriously exciting high points of Aphrodite Terra or exploring the rolling mounds of Guinevere Planitia you can get there swiftly in style and comfort. Even a trip to see the motherland again is a jolly breeze. With the powerful thrust from the three engines at your command you will slip quickly and smoothly into a rousing reception at any welcoming harbour you chose to visit.

Being the first in distinction and style, the Pegasus III Deluxe features the latest in on-board entertainment with a gramophonic sound machine built right into the dashboard. Impress your lady friend when you take her through a set of impressive manoeuvres through the skies.

By becoming a Pegasus III Deluxe owner, you will become a member of that exclusive part of society who know the constant satisfaction of being in possession of something universally approved.